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Techlead Online Video Core Services



At Talpa Network Technology we turn dreams into ideas and ideas into products. Share our exciting vision about the infinite possibilities of the exceptional online platform for Talpa Network and join us as a Tech Lead Video. We offer the best consumer experiences, so complexity should be hidden from sight by good architecture and robust code. That is where you come in.

Your typical day at Talpa Network

As a Tech Lead Video, you are passionate about technology, don’t care about boundaries and love to discuss the right solution. This is a leading role in building out products for our video platform with your development team in Serbia. Making technical choices and working on robust, scalable technical solutions, one of your days could look like this:

  • You’re excited to get in the office this morning, we have 2.000.000 streamstarts a week at Talpa Network;
  • You watched Champions League Live on yesterday, so you start off with a double espresso;
  • Prepare the video call for the daily stand-up with the development team in Serbia;
  • You inspire the development team as you see development as a craft and are proud of it;
  • Staying ahead of competition in the media landscape, you and the Product Owners or Solution Architects discuss new exciting features for our platform;
  • Proactively fix some issues or deliver a POC for the team or Product Owner;
  • Review Pull Requests;
  • Translate use cases into system architecture and technical specifications;
  • Drive quality together with our QA team;
  • Now it’s time to go out for lunch. We’re in de hart of Amsterdam so enough options here or grab some food in our restaurant or a nearby supermarket;
  • Top this off with a stroll along the promenade at ‘IJhaven’;
  • Plan your visit to the team in Serbia;
  • Kick-start innovation by researching blogs and new technologies;
  • Head home, energized with new ideas!



  • Proven experience with core AWS products (EC2, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB);
  • Experience working with node.js in production, ideally with Typescript;
  • Solid understanding of key protocols such as HTTP and DNS, as well as HTTP caching behaviours;
  • Ability to define and describe both messaging and synchronous architectural patterns and concepts;
  • Experience using Git, and optionally Gitlab;
  • Proven experience with BDD and TDD methodologies;
  • Good understanding and convinced supporter of ‘quality code’ and good development habits.

Preferred Requirments

  • Experience with AWS Elemental Media Services products;
  • Experience in broadcast metadata systems (Mediagenix WHATS’On, Comcast CVP);
  • Experience working with online video or OTT platforms in general;
  • Experience with Serverless FrameWork;
  • Experience with GraphQL/AWS AppSync.

Organizational method skills:

  • Very experienced with working in an Agile (Scrum) environment;
  • Experienced in working with the Atlassian suite (Jira and Confluence);
  • Communication Skills;
  • Speaks and writes English fluently;
  • Excellently skilled in preparing the sprints for the team in a technical sense, with a good feel for the right level of detail to both make the team understand and inspire them to find their own 'how';
  • Well able to teach people, make them improve their understanding and make them creative in finding their ways to solve things. Be someone who the team really wants to listen to and see as an example;
  • Able to respectfully intervene in difficult discussions and solving differences in the team in order to go forward;
  • Excellent documentation habits and skills.

Personal Skills:

  • Quick learner and patient with other people;
  • Cooperative but also a respectful critical thinker;
  • Having the drive to continually improve (her/himself and the product);
  • Inspiring personality, a mentor where needed;
  • No inhibiting ego; ready to code or solve an operational issue (even outside office hours, we’re a media company) if necessary, while at the same time very able to design and lay out the high-level technical plan for the development team and other people in the organization;
  • Structured in thinking and working, but pragmatic in a wise way when necessary;
  • Able to really focus and finish things when the situation calls for it, at other times hovering above the matter to see which way we should technically go with the product and willing to help the team;
  • Able to cooperate/communicate with Product Owner, architects, and engineers alike
  • Be the technical conscience of the Product Owner.

Do you want to join our team as our new Techlead? We'ld like to hear from you!